VP of Marketing and Communications at Paxos in New York City: Jobs for Women

What they’re probably looking for:

  • Someone with about 50% of direct experience in these competencies, and general awareness in the others: content marketing, digital advertising, events, PR, brand strategy, and business development.
  • Someone who has scaled channels in a cost-effective way and/or someone who has created a strong employer brand driving more job applicants.
  • Someone who enjoys growing and managing a team.
  • Someone who can work well across teams.
  • Someone with B2B job experience. If you only have B2C job experience but can tell the story of how it can be applied to a B2B mindset (it’s all people you’re selling to at the end of the day!) don’t count yourself out.

When you apply:

  • Share your biggest communications/brand/digital advertising/PR etc success story.
  • Explain why you’re passionate about their mission.
  • Highlight your emotional intelligence, and give an example of how that helps you work across departments and/or build a high performing team.
  • Provide an example of a time you advocated for the right idea during any relevant previous B2B and tech experience.

Is Paxos right for you:

Apply Here

Full Job Posting

About Paxos:

Paxos is a financial technology company delivering pioneering blockchain solutions for global financial institutions. Its flagship service is BankchainTM, a next-generation blockchain settlement platform that is transforming post-trade across capital markets. Paxos’ management team is led by CEO and Co-Founder Charles Cascarilla and its board of directors includes former FDIC chair Sheila Bair, former Senator Bill Bradley, former chair of the Financial Accounting Standards Board Robert Herz, former chairman, president & CEO of Lotus Development Corporation Jim Manzi and former NYSE CEO Duncan Niederauer.

We are looking for a VP of Marketing and Communications to oversee and lead all of our marketing and communications initiatives across Paxos and itBit. This role will spearhead our efforts to spread our mission to solve a very unique and challenging problem around asset mobilization and settlement.

We hold ourselves to a very high hiring bar. To achieve this, we think of roles first and foremost as outcomes to be achieved, not simply a description of tasks. We have developed what we call a ‘Success Profile’ for this role, which has two sections:

Outcomes: Meaningful and measurable work products that have a significant impact on the team and business over a defined timeframe.

How to Achieve Outcomes: We have a strong point of view on how this role will succeed in achieving outcomes at Paxos. So, we have taken the Operating System of Paxos – our values – and made it relevant to this role.

Create and execute a marketing and communications plan across both our businesses, itBit and Paxos – including content development, digital advertising, media relations, conferences and sponsorships. Success is measured by growing brand recognition in our target market and increasing the number of customers.

Identify and manage resources both external and internal to achieve Paxos’ marketing and communications objectives. Success is measured by the amount of visibility the company/product is able to achieve by balancing costs and results.

Partner with the People team to build and execute an employer branding campaign that entices high quality talent to work at the company. Success is measured by the number of quality inbound candidates interested in working for Paxos/itBit.

Hire, coach and grow a high performing team of marketing and communications professionals to drive seamless execution of marketing/communications initiatives. Success is defined by giving timely feedback, rewarding and growing impact, as well as quick/swift action on poor performance.

How to achieve the Outcomes:

Technical Acumen Required:
An understanding of broad b2b marketing strategies and tactics.
Strong communication skills and an ability to organize complex marketing campaigns across multiple business lines.
Comfort working in a tech-driven environment with the ability to coordinate across several stakeholder groups (Engineering, Operations, Marketing, HR, etc.)

Search for the Truth:
When building a strategic marketing/communications plan, you have a strong track record of surfacing thoughtful and important considerations.
You have a track record of being able to diagnose and recognize when the right idea is either being shot down or does not get due credit regardless of where it comes from.
You always ask “why” to any proposed solution or process and demand the same from your teams.

Commitment to Excellence:
You care deeply about the quality of output from your team and also constantly think about the impact or the experience it creates both internally and externally.
Your unyielding insistence on best-in-class solutions means you have a track record of hiring people better than you.

Be an Owner:
You often take accountability for business outcomes that you don’t always control.

Real-time Candor:
You realize the importance of being open to feedback from anyone within and outside the company.
You give tough feedback to internal and external stakeholders to foster open dialog and build trust.

Paxos is an equal opportunity employer. It does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, color, race, religion, marital status, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, physical and mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, veteran status or any other basis protected by federal, state or local law.

Apply Here

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