Chief Marketing Officer at True in San Francisco: Jobs for Women

What they’re probably looking for:

  • Someone with a passion for developing marketing strategy from concept to execution. You should probably have direct experience in a few channels and awareness of others.
  •  Experience creating a marketing process to acquire, engage and/or return new users.
  • Previous work experience on a social and/or mobile app product.
  • Comfortable launching products (this could be a track record of launching smaller features) and getting helpful user feedback to guide the roadmap.
  • Enjoys working across teams and growing a team, without much previous help, and has experience communicating a vision and getting buy-in upwards.

When you apply:

  • Provide an example of a time your social or mobile product launch process went super well, and share what the impact was.
  • Share your most successful example of a time you used data to make a decision that led to fantastic results at a key part of the customer lifecycle (did you get more leads, more users, more people to renew? Tell them!).
  • Explain why you’re passionate about their mission.
  • Highlight your experience communicating effectively to get buy-in across departments and to fuel the growth of your own team.
  • Provide an example of research you conducted that informed the creation of a product – it could even be a feature. Include any ROI.

Is True right for you:

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Full Job Posting

True is building a new kind of social platform for saving, sharing and remembering your life. It automatically records the ways you move and go through your day. Combined with photos, videos and stories, it creates a new new kind of social feed to share with friends.

Social users today are locked into an impersonal algorithmically sorted ad-filled experience. Social sharing networks no longer feel genuine or authentic. Users want more. True is changing the game with new ways to share your real life.

Chief Marketing Officer / Marketing Lead

You will be responsible for all marketing, user acquisition and positioning at True. You will be part of a small, highly focused team building the next-generation consumer social platform. With a strong core team and top investors, we’re looking for people who are passionate about building great products at a great company.

You will be working on a team where you can have a huge impact and everyone is a stakeholder in the company’s success. You will be collaborating daily with multiple areas throughout the company including Product Management, QA, Design, all C-level Execs and the Board.

• The ideal candidate will have prior social / mobile app experience from a major social player or very strong experience with marketing consumer app or web social products.

• Be highly data-driven with strong opinions and prior experience using a data-centric, analytic approach to market and user acquisition

• Identify significant long-term opportunities based on research, analysis and a strategic view of the direction of the market

• Market assessment and requirements including opportunity size, competitive analysis, target customers and product requirements

• Represent the voice of the market, including qualitative and quantitative feedback on product from clients and partners

• Manage product alphas and betas to direct product refinements and identify critical client needs that must be met by the product in order to launch

• Define and manage comprehensive go-to-market strategy and plan including positioning, launch strategy, PR, sales and partner materials

• Manage the product launch process. Coordinate and manage cross-functional teams (including PR, design, product, and engineering stakeholders) to deliver world-class products to the market

• Freedom and Flexibility are core to our values. We want you to be happy and we’ll work together to keep you that way

Apply Here

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