Head of Engineering at BCG Digital Ventures in New York City: Jobs for Women

What they’re probably looking for:

  • Someone with an ability to strategize about the right architecture and put it in place – both technically and by getting buy-in from the internal team.
  • 5 years building digital product experiences for any type of customer. If you have both b2b and b2c you’re in an above average spot!
  • Someone who has a decent understanding of current privacy and security regulations, and has created systems that comply.
  • Comfortable using analytical skills to make better decisions.
  • Great at managing a team and its processes, in a chaotic, rapidly growing company.

When you apply:

  • Share your most successful architecture solution, whether it’s around quality control, selecting a new language, or securing a new data warehouse.
  • Explain why you’re passionate about their mission.
  • Highlight your best experience creating an ROI-positive product experience for a b2b situation, and also your best experience with b2c. If you don’t have both, just explain how your experience in one can translate to the other.
  • Provide an example of a way you grew a team in a stressful environment, and/or how you’ve built a strong employer brand for your engineering department.
  • Include any blockchain, AI/ML, NLP, CRM/CMS, and analytics skills on your resume.

Is BCG Digital Ventures right for you:

Apply Here

Full Job Posting

BCG Digital Ventures is an ever-growing global team of entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, product experts and investors. We invent, build and launch startups with the world’s most influential companies. The business ventures we create build strategic advantages for the most important global companies enabling them to own the next horizon of innovation.
We are launching a stealth startup, which will build a digital clinical operations platform to disrupt the drug development industry. With funding already in place, this startup will capture part of this 50 billion dollar US market through digital redesign of the clinical trial value chain.

We are looking for an exceptional leader who will own the engineering effort of this disruptive startup.

As the Head of Engineering, you will:
Drive Technical Side of the Business

Define, articulate, and execute engineering strategy from launch to scale
Define technical requirements and systems architecture with clarity on feasibility, time, cost, and impact
Develop a foundational data architecture to support long term product aspirations
Apply next generation analytic techniques to the data architecture to continually advance product development and offerings
Build the systems required to for testing, commercial launch, and beyond
Constantly evaluate technological advancements and innovative solutions to drive continuous product improvement
Implement best practice coding methodologies and tools

Drive Excellence

Effectively align resources to achieve key business priorities, including appropriate scope, and high quality / timely product releases
Ensure all processes, services, and software comply with security and privacy regulations including FTC, HIPAA, and GDPR
Manage a multidisciplinary engineering team in a fast-paced environment to deliver reliable, high-performing solutions
Continuously rebalance product / service features which maximize value and minimize effort to focus on the highest-returning initiatives
Define and implement a consistent and repeatable process for quality assurance across all areas of organization and product build
Collaborate with product and design teams to make UX decisions that align with the mission of the business

Drive Talent & Teams
Hire and retain a multidisciplinary, world-class engineering team
Manage teams to deliver high quality products including custom builds as required
Gain and share insights with other leadership team members to continue improving the product and the business
Evangelize technical vision and strategy both internally and externally

Desired Experience & Expertise

7+ years architecting and building products from pre-launch through maturity
7+ years building user-centric digital product experiences, with familiarity across B2C and B2B platforms
Startup experience in key engineering leadership positions at multiple high-growth
technology companies
Experience building next generation data platforms
Preference for a background in healthcare
Ability to stand up an organization and hire engineering talent
An entrepreneurial spirit that is flexible, experimental, and resourceful
Strong analytical skills with an emphasis on data-driven decision-making
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Experience with the following is a plus
CRM/CMS development
Real-time analytics

Apply Here

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