VP of Engineering at Leap Motion in San Francisco – Jobs for Women

What they’re probably looking for:

  • Someone with an ability to work with colleagues across departments as well as with customers, in order to explain product capabilities.
  • Enough experience to be confident driving the engineering process from technical requirements through to optimization.
  • Comfortable seizing the opportunity to create new processes and willing to get yourself up to speed.
  • Ability to design detail-oriented processes from discovery through go-to-market.
  • Great at setting high quality standards, and fostering a team that delivers against them.
  • Programming skills, a knowledge of SQL databases, and maybe some Ruby.

When you apply:

  • Look – this is a doozy of a job description. They want someone who can think about architecture, while also writing code, while also driving the tech vision across the company, while also managing a team – with what sounds like little to no support and few existing processes. Show how you can solve problems and implement solutions, and you’ll be in a good spot.
  • Share your most successful programming and/or database decision and results.
  • Explain why you’re passionate about their mission.
  • Highlight the best agile development processes you’ve created working across teams.
  • Provide an example of how you identified and acted upon an opportunity in a chaotic environment.
  • Share how you led a team and what the impact was on quality, and ultimately revenue.

Is Leap Motion right for you:

Apply Here

Full Job Posting

Leap Motion’s mission is to build a natural connection between people and technology, unlocking the potential of both. As the VP of Engineering, you will play one of the most critical roles in the company.

Leap Motion opens up magical new worlds and experiences where you can tangibly interact with the digital world. Our tracking technology makes this possible in ways that are simple, powerful, and human. We’re a small company with a global presence, and our platform is transforming fields as diverse as gaming, education, music, industrial simulation and more as we become the default input for virtual and augmented reality.

This is a bleeding-edge space for bleeding-edge people. As we craft the next phase of user interfaces and interactions there is rarely a precedent to follow.


Extensive cross-organization collaboration playing a crucial role in interfacing with product and business stakeholders to identify requirements, converting them to functional specs, prioritizing, and driving execution.
Technical product management functions including functional specs, roadmap, project management, issue/risk management, and cross-division coordination.
Be scrappy and leverage the small team to the fullest to work on multiple parallel solutions and tools.
Drive rapid prototyping cycles from technical requirements, software designs, programming, debugging, and optimization
Explore and innovate new technologies, features, and tools
Work collaboratively across team boundaries to share common infrastructure and functional capabilities. Provide feedback into core product teams to influence their roadmap and strategy.
Drive an excellent customer experience, continually raising the bar on functionality, usability, and simplicity.
Champion engineering and operational excellence, establishing metrics and process for regular assessment and improvement
Work with Executive Leadership to set engineering priorities and resource needs, as well as provide visibility into risks, schedules and cross-functional dependencies.
Aggressively build and grow a team of talented engineers to achieve our company’s vision
Be a strong communicator of engineering goals, priorities and execution to Leap Motion’s board, management and staff.
Liaise with existing and prospective clients to communicate and negotiate the technical capabilities of our platform.
Instill strong software engineering practices in the team, including continuous delivery and accurate sprint planning.
Liaise with product management & business development on schedules and scope.


BA or BS (MSc or PhD preferred) degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or related field; equivalent experience considered.
10+ years of relevant industry / academia experience in software engineering/architecture field.
Effective communication skills, focusing on presentation of technical information
Able to create the conditions that maximize team productivity and reduce churn
Strong programming knowledge in several programming languages (Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Go, Python strongly preferred, plus working skills in at least one functional language like Clojure, Erlang, or similar).
7+ years of engineering experience, preferably with some exposure to Ruby.
Strong database skills in SQL and familiarity with several prominent SQL and noSQL solutions.
Experience working on agile software development teams which function in a dev-ops environment, including experience in dev, build, QA, release, and support of your own software.
You should have experience building multi-skilled teams capable of rapid prototyping of new ideas.
Recent experience successfully translating company vision into concrete, measurable engineering deliverables and leading a team of at least 5 software engineers.

Nice to Have:

Proven technical leadership across several releases of a major product.
Track record of large customer facing product delivery at Internet scale.
10+ years of experience managing a multi-disciplinary team.
Proven track record delivering state-of-the-art product.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Entrepreneurial thinking and the ability to act effectively with high-level direction.
Aggressive growth orientation.
Strong orientation toward finding and implementing solutions.
Deep commitment to building an ethical, world-class company with technology at its core.
At home in a very fast-paced environment with a high level of ambiguity.

*Leap Motion is an Equal Opportunity Employer

*NOTE: All persons hired will be required to verify identity and eligibility to work in the United States

Apply Here

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