VP of Product at SongTrust in New York City: Jobs for Women

What they’re probably looking for:

  • Someone with 5+ years of experience in product, ideally for a SaaS company or startup.
  • You’re able to set the strategy for the roadmap and manage multiple products at once.
  • Ability to hire, grow, and lead a product team that delivers products customers love.
  • You understand the impact of design, and put processes in place to drive that impact.
  • You can communicate well cross-functionally across teams, from engineering to finance to sell your vision and get buy-in (you’re probably great at ppt/Google slides).

When you apply:

  • Share a successful product or product roadmap you created, and explain the impact it had on the company’s growth. (Bonus points if your example comes from a SaaS startup.)
  • Highlight a time you implemented a process that helped bring design to the forefront. What was the impact it had on revenue?
  • Share your experience hiring and growing a team that delivers high-quality work by explaining the processes you put in place to find and fuel them.
  • Explain why you’re passionate about their mission, and what excites you about rapid growth.

Is SongTrust right for you:

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Founded in 2011, Songtrust, a Billboard Magazine Top Music Startup, is revolutionizing the traditional music publishing business. Our clients – ranging from indie artists to Grammy Nominees – retain 100% ownership of their copyrights and receive professional publishing administration services. Our catalog consists of over 1,000,000 songs that have been performed and recorded by premiere artists.

Songtrust is the world’s largest global royalty collection service and publishing administrator, enabling over 150,000 songwriters and over 20,000 publishers to collect their publishing royalties worldwide for over 1,000,000 copyrights. Our industry-leading online solutions help songwriters, artists, managers, labels, and publishers simplify music rights management including the administration of music publishing assets, performing rights, and digital licensing.

Our VP Of Product

We are looking for a software/SaaS product leader with experience managing teams, multiple products and features across our business. In this role you will be responsible for all products at Songtrust, you will lead a team of four product professionals to scale the organization’s product. We are scaling incredibly quickly and are looking for someone who can lead product in a time of tremendous growth. We are looking for someone to bring discipline and process improvement to the product organization. Ultimately you will enable the company to scale in terms of delivering products to market. You will be responsible for ensuring the organization has the production capacity to fulfill the broader vision while supporting near-term strategy and business priorities across the entire suite of Songtrust products.

You’ll work cross-functionally across operations, client success, engineering/design, and the growth teams at Songtrust.
You’ll provide leadership, strategic direction, build the product roadmap and drive execution of innovative products in rights management.
You will bring energy, passion, dedication and high-quality management to this dynamic, hyper-growth operation.
You will handle multiple products in a global environment.
You will report directly to Joe Conyers III the co-founder and General Manager of Songtrust, and be a core member of the leadership team scaling this company.

Bachelor’s degree or relevant experience
7+ years of Product Management experience on an agile scrum team
7+ years experience in software, SaaS, business, technology or other relevant roles.
3+ years managing product managers and other product-related team members.
Experience in a high growth division of an enterprise, a SaaS company or startup.
Appreciation of user experience and respect for the importance of design.

Why You Want To Work Here
We have a fun and energetic loft office in SoHo, NYC
Ample opportunities to work collaboratively with a fantastic team
Rich benefit program, Life Insurance, 401k with up to 5% matching
Career growth opportunities
Free CitiBike Membership
Paid Volunteer Hours
Invitations from partners and clients to attend shows / events
Regular happy hours, speaker series in our conference space

Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other is core to Songtrust’s values. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives and encourage all to apply.

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VP Product at Meetup in New York City: Jobs for Women

What they’re probably looking for:

  • Someone who has created the strategy behind mobile/ecommerce products, and worked on the details to bring them to life.
  • Basically you can solve big problems, and you can also do the work it takes – such as writing specs, user research, talking to engineers about scope of work, etc.
  • Someone who is a pro at building a high-performing team – it comes easy to you, and you’ve led a team for quite some time.
  • Someone with experience identifying mission-critical metrics and creating processes where the products are delivered on time and meet those metrics.
  • Someone who has experience communicating clearly with other teams, such as design and engineering, and can rally the execs around a vision, or get buy-in.

When you apply:

  • Include an example of a successful mobile/ecom product you created the strategy for, that your team brought to life. Explain the metrics you used to frame the problem space, and how the product led to a superior result on revenue.
  • Explain why you’re passionate about their mission, and share how your philosophy regarding the latest trends in voice and conversational UIs could impact their product.
  • Highlight how you’ve hired, managed, and grown a team, by sharing a big team win – whether it’s a way you streamlined a process or a way you inspired totally new thinking. Be sure to include the impact it made on the overall business.
  • Bonus points: Include any international experience you have and/or explain how you think Meetup could create solutions that work internationally.

Is Meetup right for you:

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Getting together with real people in real life makes powerful things happen. Side hustles become careers, ideas become movements, and chance encounters become lifelong connections. Meetup brings people together to create thriving communities. Show up. Change lives.

We are looking for an experienced, energetic executive to lead product development at Meetup. As VP Product, you will play a pivotal role in developing the company’s product roadmap, in creating a world-class experience for Meetup members, and in shipping products that will spark explosive growth of Meetups. You should have a solid reputation for building great mobile products that have a big impact and delight users. We also expect you to be a seasoned manager who has a passion and penchant for building and leading world-class product teams.

Meetup is a 15-year-old, mission-driven company, with 30+ million passionate members and organizers across 180 countries. In 2016, we rebranded and shipped completely new apps, and our management team continued to evolve into a diverse, future-facing team. The VP Product will have the opportunity to take this solid foundation and invent a new future where millions of high-quality Meetups are sparked, and millions of lives are changed. If you are fired up by the idea of creating serious growth for Meetup, this is the job for you.

Building a successful partnership with senior business, design and engineering leaders is a critical part of this job, so you’ll need to be a great communicator and collaborator, in addition to a great manager of people and projects.

What we’re looking for:

A desire to help change a company and position one of the Internet’s great brands for explosive growth
Prior experience in an in-house senior product role at a consumer tech or e-commerce company
At least 10 years of experience managing people and a reputation for building, leading and inspiring awesome product teams
Experience launching great iOS and Android apps
An obsession with measuring the impact of everything you ship
Successful collaboration with other senior leaders, especially from design and engineering
Someone who can think strategically but is also willing to get their hands dirty
Familiarity with the latest trends in voice, conversational UIs, and other emerging platforms, with a strong instinctual sense of where things are going
International experience; Meetup is translated into 12 languages, with more being added soon!
A penchant for coming up with simple solutions to complex problems

We’d love to hear from you if you’re inspired by Meetup’s mission to enable millions of people around the world to experience the power and joy that come from real, local, face-to-face community, and if you’re excited to help lead a company in a new direction.

Our team is bold, supportive, and passionate about bringing people together in real life to create community for everyone. We care about moving fast, real-world change, and building diverse, dynamic teams. You in?

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Director of Product at Better Mortgage in New York City: Jobs for Women

What they’re probably looking for:

  • Someone who can use data to identify and build the best tools.
  • Someone who can see the big picture and set the strategy, while also being able to hop in and do the day to day stuff.
  • Someone who has experience working well across teams, and enjoys communicating with engineers.
  • Experience using data and user research to make great decisions.
  • Experience hiring and/or growing a team that delivers high-quality work.
  • Someone with experience jumping in head first and being proactive about setting themselves up for success.

When you apply:

  • Share a story about something from your product roadmap that led to a superior result on revenue. Bonus – if you can make it a b2b or internal tools product, do it.
  • Explain why you’re passionate about their mission.
  • Highlight an experience where communicating effectively with customer-facing teams and/or engineering really paid off big.
  • Provide some color on how you hired and grew a team. If you haven’t managed yet, share how you’ve mentored or helped hire, and how your experience will translate into making you a great manager.
  • Share how you plan to get up to speed quickly, and describe the processes you put in place to succeed in chaotic, rapid-growth environments before.

Is Better Mortgage right for you:

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A Better opportunity

Better is looking for a Director of Product to own our mortgage platform. You’ll streamline our loan processing workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and make it easier for our operations team to get their work done. This is a high-visibility role that spans internal and consumer-facing product experiences, and is central to our company’s strategy and future growth.

Today it takes 45 days for users to complete a mortgage loan. You will reduce that to 1 day. Today it costs $1,500 to process a loan. You will reduce that to near $0. In accomplishing these goals, you will extend our competitive advantage and help us scale from $1B to $10B in loan volume. Most importantly, you will make it easier for Americans to make the most important purchase of their lives.


Define the product roadmap for our mortgage platform.
Manage and mentor a team of two product managers.
Expand your team by recruiting and closing top candidates.
Help your team execute by triaging bugs, writing specs, and launching new features.

Attributes we value

Minimum 3 years experience launching successful products, preferably with experience building B2B and/or internal tools. You have seen dozens of product cycles and have the speed and confidence to succeed within a fast paced, high-performance startup.
Leadership. You can manage, grow, and develop a team of top-tier Product Managers (currently two).
Process thinking. You can analyze a complex process and find ways to simplify it.
Technical proficiency. You are a trusted partner of engineers. Communicating about technical topics is your forte and you are willing to analyze data and assist with technical trade-offs when needed.
Easy to work with. You understand the perspectives of our users, our customer support team, our operations team, and our design team, and you consider these viewpoints when creating product solutions.
Ability to get up to speed fast. You’re curious about how underwriting, home appraisals, title insurance, credit checks, regulatory disclosures, and closing work. You’re willing to do research and interview our ops team so you can become an expert on the mortgage loan process.
Excitement for Better’s mission to improve access to home finance, and to use a thoughtful combination of design, operations, and technology to do so.

A Better company

It’s hard not to be excited about mortgages when you’re actively upending the conventions of a $13 trillion dollar business that impacts over 200 million Americans.

At Better, we’re building a next-generation mortgage platform from the ground up. We’ve already funded $1 billion in loans, and we’re just getting started. Our team combines leading software engineers from tech giants like Google and Spotify with financial talent from firms like Blackstone and Bridgewater, creating a hybrid institution unlike any other.

Rife with antiquated processes, the home finance industry has remained fundamentally unchanged since the 1970s. As we break down the entrenchments that bar so many from the benefits of homeownership, we adhere to three basic principles:

Humans are better than computers at expressing empathy, understanding individual situations, and creating solutions to help people. Let them.
Computers are more efficient than humans at working with massive data sets, performing complex calculations, and validating thousands of rules. Use them.
The rules of the status quo are broken. Change them.
Join our mortgage revolution.

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Vice President of Product Management, Studio at InVision at Remote: Jobs for Women

What they’re probably looking for:

  • Someone who can identify and build the best features for a screen design tool.
  • Someone who can get the product, design, engineering teams working together on the right solutions.
  • Someone who has experience soliciting feedback from and getting buy in from sales and customer support teams.
  • Experience using data and user research to make great decisions.
  • Enjoys setting the strategy but is also able to hop in and execute.
  • Experience growing a team that delivers high-quality work.

When you apply:

  • Provide an example of a time you used data and user research to make a great decision.
  • Share a story about the launch of a product that led to a superior result on revenue. Bonus – if you can include one example of a brand new product and one from a time where the product was just incrementally improved.
  • Explain why you’re passionate about their mission and this product. How does the competitive landscape thrill you?
  • Highlight your experience solving an impactful problem you identified by communicating effectively with customer-facing teams.
  • Provide some color on how you grew a team, and ensured they hit deadlines, while delivering a high-quality experience.

Is InVision right for you:

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InVision is the Digital Product Design platform used to make the world’s best customer experiences. We provide design tools and educational resources for teams to navigate every stage of the product design process, from ideation to development.

Today, more than 4 million people use InVision to create a repeatable and streamlined design workflow; rapidly design and prototype products before writing code, and collaborate across their entire organization. That includes more than 80 percent of the Fortune 100, and organizations like Airbnb, Amazon, HBO, Netflix, Slack, Starbucks and Uber, who are now able to design better products, faster.

We are looking for a senior Product Leader to lead InVision Studio, the world’s most powerful screen design tool, including the related product zone that includes Studio core teams, Studio platform and marketplace, Studio cloud, and Craft. InVision Studio is a new product that we expect to be a core, high volume, high love InVision experience. This role oversees 8 teams today, and will grow in the future. Ultimately, you own the success of “the designer in flow” for our company. With your Design and Engineering Leaders as your key partners, you’ll lead this strategic initiative for InVision by articulating vision and strategy and oversee multiple product teams to best serve your users and grow a fantastic business, with an overall mission of scaling design authenticity for ourselves and our users


● Strategy​: Help us set a course and win for the world’s most successful screen design tool. Drive zone strategy, collaborating with your key Design, Engineering, and Marketing partners and business stakeholders, while fitting well inside our overall InVision product direction. Support your squads to get their product directions correct while aligning them together. You are a domain expert for the company
● Communications:​ Serve as the voice and ambassador of the zone, ensuring we listen to and share out to our many stakeholders in other zones, and in sales, account management, and customer support. We’re transparent and well understood
● Collaboration:​ Problem solve and collaborate across the company, especially leadership, and bring out the best in others to get us to the right answers, while running your zone’s product operations well. You will partner closely with our enterprise facing sales, account management, and customer support teams
● Technicals​: Get into the data and support your Product Managers with data, engineering, and design system fundamentals as we continually improve how we work together
● Details and Results​: Get the forest and the trees right as you set up your zone’s structure and support superior product execution across your teams. Meet or exceed your goals while delivering consistently and predictably
● User Science​: Apply your deep understanding of studying user intent and behavior to ensure your organization does the right user research well to refine our product direction and shares back insight into the broader organization
● Management​: Build, lead, grow, and retain a team of fantastic Product Managers and Directors


● 10+ years of strategic product management, where you were accountable for strategy, execution, and user understanding
● Demonstrable successes in both launching (innovating) and scaling (iterating) products as the strategic owner
● Track record of developing your people; when we reference check you with your direct reports they will speak highly of you

Our Product Management values:

● We believe
○ The screen has become the most important place in the world
○ The customer experience has moved to the screen
○ Every company in the world is becoming a digital product company
○ At InVision, we can empower teams to create the world’s best digital experiences
○ If we succeed, we will make the way people live, work and connect better through design
● Our users include the entire team throughout the product design process, though the product designer is our hero
● We are Directly Responsible Individuals (DRIs) and the organization and our users can count on us
● Our success is tied to great collaboration with our “first teams” of design, engineering, and other primary partners. We’re in it together to win
● Outcomes over outputs, always
● Product management is a craft, and we’re all always learning and growing
● Most importantly, we’re here to serve our users. We are driven to make their lives better, and continuously strive to understand, advocate for, and serve them


InVision offers an incredibly unique work environment. The company employs a diverse team all over the world. In the United States we have teams including hubs in New York, San Francisco, Austin, Portland, and Boston. Each InVision team member is given the freedom and tools to do their best work from wherever they choose. Among our benefits we offer competitive health plans, 401k, a flexible vacation policy, monthly coffee shop budget, and many other remote working perks..

InVision is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status. If you have a disability or special need that requires accommodation, please let us know.

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Director of Product Marketing at Shippo in San Francisco: Jobs for Women

What they’re probably looking for:

  • Someone who can tell the story about what value they add to their sales people and to their customers.
  • Experience using analysis and user research to make better decisions.
  • Previous experience at a b2b company, crafting brand messaging that resonated, and chopping that messaging up into bite-size chunks for a sales team.
  • Comfortable launching products at different stages of company growth (this could be a track record of launching smaller features).
  • Enjoys staying on top of the competitive landscape, and helping to differentiate products.

When you apply:

  • Provide an example of a time your go-to-market strategy worked well, and explain the impact.
  • Share the most successful time you used data/research to make a decision that impacted the product, and how your customers responded.
  • Explain why you’re passionate about their mission.
  • Highlight your experience communicating effectively to a sales team, whether through trainings, creating talk tracks or videos, etc.
  • Provide some color on your marketing experience – ideally share a way you drove demand through digital channels. Show your awareness of marketing tactics throughout the customer lifecycle, and through online and offline channels, even if you didn’t directly manage every channel.

Is Shippo right for you:

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We are looking for a Director of Product Marketing to dive deep and get their hands dirty designing and executing a product marketing strategy to help Shippo exceed its immediate and long-term high-growth revenue goals. A proven track record of executing a product marketing strategy in a fast-paced start-up environment, preferably within a B2B SaaS company, is highly desirable.


Be the product marketing leader in a small, nimble marketing team.
Work closely with our product team to drive product launches.
Enable sales team with targeted collateral, playbooks, and messaging and drive consistency in the value that we articulate through all channels.
Maintain intelligence on competition and industry, providing insights to the marketing and business teams.
Deliver on our “Customers first” values by creating customer-value driven, persona-targeted marketing.
Develop market insights to help inform product roadmap and pricing.


3+ years experience in B2B product marketing at well-recognized brands, ideally in enterprise technology, with a widespread knowledge of the full marketing stack, and in-depth knowledge of demand generation for self-served customers and product marketing.
Prior experience executing a short and long term go-to-market strategy at a high-growth company, ideally that has scaled to $100M in revenue and beyond.
Superior communication skills – ability to prioritize and efficiently and transparently communicate marketing goals and results at a team, executive, and company level.
A demonstrated history of being a team player, and desire to jump in and get your hands dirty as needed.
A good understanding of developer marketing.


Medical, dental, vision (90% covered by the company, incl. dependents).
Flexible vacation policy + flexible work hours.
Free lunch / drinks / snacks.
Fun team events outside of work hours.
Awesome team that cares about Shippo’s mission, product and co-workers!


Shippo lowers the barriers to shipping for businesses around the world. As free and fast shipping becomes the norm, better access to shipping is a competitive advantage for businesses. Through Shippo, ecommerce businesses, marketplaces, and platforms are able to connect to multiple shipping carriers around the world from one API and dashboard. Businesses can get shipping rates, print labels, automate international documents, track shipments, and facilitate returns. Internally, we think of Shippo as the building blocks of shipping. Shippos are a diverse set of individuals.

Join us to build the foundations of something great, roll up your sleeves and get important work done everyday. Founded in 2013, we are a proud team based out of San Francisco. Shippos investors include Bessemer Venture Partners, Union Square Ventures, Uncork Capital, VersionOne Ventures, FundersClub and others.

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Director of Product Management at Compass in New York City: Jobs for Women

What they’re probably looking for:

  • Someone with an ability to develop a successful product roadmap.
  • Experience creating a customer-centric approach to product development.
  • Comfortable working across departments and with executive stakeholders to solicit ideas and create buy-in for the vision.
  • Ability to design detail-oriented processes from discovery through go-to-market.
  • Great at managing a team and helping them think in new ways, even in a chaotic environment.

When you apply:

  • Share your most successful product and include how and why you developed it using a customer-centric approach. Share the impact it had on your customers – how delighted were they!?
  • Explain why you’re passionate about their mission, and how you think it relates to the real-estate and tech landscape. What are their opportunities?
  • Highlight the best processes you’ve created working across teams such as design, product, marketing, etc.
  • Provide an example of a way you grew a team in a stressful environment.

Is Compass right for you:

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Compass is building an agent centric real estate platform that helps agents and consumers effectively work with one another to buy and sell homes. As a Director of Product Management at Compass you will be responsible for setting direction and driving major strategic and product initiatives. You will work closely with our senior leadership and agents to define product strategy, build roadmaps, and lead our product development efforts around key aspects of the Compass agent’s experience. You’ll manage and mentor a team of product managers and collaborate with a multidisciplinary team that includes UX Designers, Software Engineers, and Product Marketing Managers.

At Compass You Will:

Lead a cross functional team comprised of product, engineering, design and user research for Search and Core Experience that results in shipping high quality products
Work with agents, product marketing and product support to understand and analyze user needs and turn those into a product plan, roadmap and detailed specifications
Use detailed specifications as your foundation, collaborate with engineering and design teams to ship new features that are highly usable
Develop junior product managers by helping to set product strategy for them and coaching them on the mechanics of being a great product manager
Understand Compass’ strategic and competitive position and deliver products that are recognized as best in the industry

What We Look For:

Proven leader that knows how to manage and grow teams
User centric product management approach – focuses on user problems and building solutions around them that delight users
Strategic product thinker – you can examine the changing landscape and use that information to define product strategy and prioritize the problems to solve
Technically proficient and able to work closely and get buy in from engineers
Excellent written and verbal communication skills that allows you to influence other teams, create clarity, and drive focus on complex problems

At Compass, our mission is to help everyone find their place in the world. This means we continually celebrate the diverse community different individuals cultivate. As an equal opportunity employer, we stay true to our mission by ensuring that our place can be anyone’s place.

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